Friday, August 21, 2015

Mistress Ultra Violet Will Be Visiting LA August 26th Through September 1st; Sessions Will Be Conducted At Dungeon West!

Southern California slaves Mistress Ultra Violet has heard your pleas and repeated requests! She will be visiting LA August 26th through September 1st. Mistress Ultra Violet will be sessioning at the popular LA space, Dungeon West.  As always She is booking up fast.Contact Her now! Phone: 404-825-5106

Mistress Ultra Violet

Dungeon West

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Atlanta Dungeon's Internationally famous Mistress Ayn!

From Slave World aka the dickie Virgin Blog.

Atlanta Dungeon's Internationally famous Mistress Ayn has news regarding her new content site. It features classic FemDom videos and photo sets, many shot by the renowned photographer "Goblin Fruit" and is updated 2-3 times weekly, so there is always something fresh.  Videos include POV, Hypnosis, strap-on, CBT, slave discipline/training, double (and more) domination with Mistress Ultra Violet and the lovely Ladies of Atlanta Dungeon... and much more.

All videos are shot in full HD. The site also contains a private, full featured Blog called "The Inner Sanctum" that encourages member participation and feedback.  Membership is only $14.95 per month or $149 per year. Custom videos are also available.  Here is some recent feedback on customs:
The angles took for the shooting are excellent: wide angles allowing to see the poor guys from the head  to the sexy high heels boots while you're humiliating them, there are close ups to see faces during action and the quality of the video is perfect. I'm really happy with the result.

The cameraman made a wonderful work with the different angles of view. The quality of the video is fantastic like always and the plus, all this in only one take. So great.  And thank you for the beginning with the voice over narration to explain the context and the end where instead of "The End" you wrote... "La Fin".  Very cool. 

For those interested in custom videos, email Mistress Ayn direct at with your scenario for a price quote.  Enjoy the hot pics. Direct link to Mistress Ayn's new site below.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mistress Ayn's New Review "The doctor is in" On Max Fisch The Hang!

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Although I have been seeing Mistress Ayn for several years enjoying CBT, corporal, doubles and cougar /kitten sessions I was feeling unusually out of sorts so I decided to schedule a checkup with Dr. (Mistress) Ayn.

I arrived for my appointment and promptly shown to the exam room and told to undress and sit on the end of the table. Dr. Ayn asked the usual questions about how I felt and what might be bothering me. The doctor quickly checked the usual things listening to my chest and heart. Finding nothing unusual I was told to lie back on the table and put my feet in the stirrups. Ah ha, maybe no prostate exam today. I'm liking this Doctor. Then I heard the dreaded snap of gloves going on then Doctor Ayn was examing my cock and balls. Lifting my head I could see her wrapping my cock and balls with a thin cord. My heart rate increased as did my erection. "Well that part seems to work ok so let's stretch you out and see what we can find", says Dr. Ayn.

Removing her gloves, Dr. Ayn quickly tied each ankle to the stirrups and had me scoot to the end of the table. Heavy straps across my mid-section and chest held me firmly to the table. Electrodes were connected to my cock, balls and taint. Finally an anal probe was lubed and inserted. This was going tobe an electrifying experience. Dr. Ayn walked to the head of the table placing a blindfold over my eyes and a ball gag in my mouth. The current began to flow, alternating between the electrodes. Increasing the current Dr. Ayn says, "let's see how much you can take" as I squirmed against the restraints.

Sometime later the blindfold was removed so I could see Doctor lube up a medium size sound. "Now I'm going to fuck your cock and see how you react". In went the sound and yes she did fuck my cock for several minutes. Then an electrode pad was placed on the shaft of the sound and reinserted in my cock. The doctor again began fucking my cock. The sensation was delicious and I was surprised how the intensity changed as the sound was near my cock head. "You must be enjoying it because your cock is hard as a rock", says Dr. Ayn.

The exam begins to come to an end as the electrodes were removed but there was one final test to be done. Something small was slipped up my ass. Momentarily I heard and felt it being pumped up several times. Oh, this is what she meant by stretching me out. A couple more pumps and I felt pretty full. Giving me time to adjust then three more pumps and Dr. Ayn left the room. When she returned I could see what the last treatment would be. After remnoving the inflatable dildo Doctor stepped between my legs and began the treatment. She urged me on saying,"take it, take it, take all of it for me". I guess this is what the "doctor is in" really meant. I released all stress on her command.

Next time you're bummed out, a visit to Mistress (doctor) Ayn will surely fix you up.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mistress Ultra Violet Dominates London!

Mistress UltraViolet is London Bound

From The Dickie Virgin FemDom Guide

Straight from the Fantastic New Studio of Her Favorite Photographer, Goblin Fruit, here are three Smokin' Hot Pix of the Incomparable Mistress UltraViolet of Atlanta Dungeon and just in time for Her London trip, June 10th - 23rd!  YES, Mistress UltraViolet is going to be in the UK, and sessioning from the  world famous Murder Mile Studios in London.  While there She will also be filming with The English Mansion, so if you want what might me a once in a life time opportunity to session with a physically perfect Female Supremacist that is strong, aggressive and fearless and will take you to new levels of devotion and delight, I would suggest clicking on any of the images below to visit Her site and make the arrangements... NOW!

Mistress Ultra Violet

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Max Fisch The Hang: New Review Of Atlanta Dungeon Session featuring Mistress Ultra Violet & Mistress Carmen Taylor!

My Review - Atlanta Dungeon Session
Hi, I'm finally getting around to reviewing a session I had in November at Atlanta Dungeon. I'm very new to the scene and this was my second session, and my first with the Mistresses of Atlanta Dungeon.

I contacted Mistress UltraViolet and she was very helpful with the booking process. Ultimately, we planned a session in which myself and Switch Blade Jade would submit to Mistress UltraViolet and Mistress Carmen Taylor. If you're not familiar with this dungeon, go take a look, they're all beautiful! And from reading other reviews, sessioning with any one of them would have been a lot to handle. Throw on top of that a certain instruction I received that I was to deny myself release, by the time I arrived to the dungeon I was an odd combination of excited and petrified.

When I finally arrived, Mistress UltraViolet was even more beautiful than I had imagined, wearing a classy corset and fishnet stockings. She immediately directed me to the bathroom and instructed me to retun naked. On my return, Mistress Carmen entered the room with Jade on a leash affixed to her collar. I could not believe what was about to happen to me. Mistresses UltraViolet and Carmen compared each other's slaves and decided to test out the other's. We were placed in separate cages and instructed to worship whatever we could reach of the other's Mistress. I was dripping everywhere already and the Mistresses were displeased. We soon were released from the cages and simultaneously worshipped the asses of each Mistresses. This was truly incredible.

I think they realized I was having too much fun as I was soon tied to the floor on my back. My head was at the bottom of a bench, to which Jade was tied on top of, with her feet at my head. The Mistresses pulled Jade's panties aside and I eagerly tried to get whatever view I could. While Jade was made to further worship Carmen, Mistress UV must have decided it was time to make me earn what I was being given. Electricity was used for punishing CBT that kept varying from oddly pleasurable to torturous. A trampling table was then placed at my waist with a hole through which my c&b were forced and now exposed. UV then went at me with clothespins. By now Jade had been moved to the wall across from me, where she was tied and Carmen was teasing her with the hitachi. It was amazing, but UV certainly made me earn every minute of it with relentless use of the clothespins. When those finally came off, UV turned the hitachi on me, teasing me as she counted down from 10 to 1.

I was released and allowed to clean up and get dressed. I got hugs from everyone and left the Atlanta Dungeon, simultaneously both wanting to repeat the session immediately and wondering if I could ever survive such an intense experience again. The Mistresses were wonderful throughout, tailoring the session to my expressed fantasies and working through my initial nervousness. I highly recommend it

Mistress Carmen Taylor

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Review: Mistress Ultra Violet & Mistress Alexis Kim On Max Fisch The Hang.

I recently had pleasure to serve both Mistress Ultra Violet and Goddess Alexis at the Atlanta Dungeon. I regularly serve Mistress Ultra Violet and her presence and beauty are unmatched. The pictures of her on her website are gorgeous but they really don't do her justice. When you see her in person you are simply blown away. After serving Goddess Alexis I can now say the same thing as she is simply stunning. I was greeted at the door by both Mistress Ultra Violet and Goddess Alexis and was told to strip down. Once I did I was instructed to worship their beautiful bodies. As I was doing this they were telling me what I had in store for the session and "prepping" me for what was about to happen. I worshiped both of their amazing legs and asses and was in absolute heaven. After they bored of me they took me to the St Andrews Cross and secured me for some intense CBT. They added a wrinkle as they blindfolded me and also put ear muffs on me so I could not hear anything. They then were teasing my nipples and hanging as much weight as possible from my balls while whipping my rock hard cock. They were also feeding me my own precum as a punishment for leaking. After they bored of doing this and feeling I was not suffering enough I felt an additional weight put on the chain hanging from my balls. It was almost unbearable and the Mistresses were entertained by my screams of pain and struggle. The pain was excruciating but enjoyable at the same time. After laughing at me they finally released me and took the blindfold off. I immediately looked for what was hanging from my balls and it was a 19th century iron that had to weight at least 5 lbs. As they released me they showed me a series of enormous dildos and instructed me to choose which one would be my "goal" for the session. These toys were larger than my forearm but I chose the biggest one I thought I could take. I was then instructed to put myself on the spanking bench and the mistresses started having me prep their cocks. They took turns making me gag and making me their slut. Mistress Ultra Violet then started to warm me up for my goal by fucking me with her rather large strap on. Mistress UV and Goddess Alexis were "riding the train" on me and enjoying it. Goddess Alexis then took her turn and basically went to town on my ass. At the same time Mistress UV was laughing at my futile attempt to gag on her cock. I was then instructed to the swing where they continued to take their turn doing whatever they wanted. After they bored of using their "small" strap ons they decided to see if I could achieve my "goal". They slowly eased it into me while laughing at me and challenging me. I was able to take it but it felt like I was splitting open. After about 10 minutes of this Goddess Alexis decided she wanted a piece of my ass again. As she was doing this Mistress UV brought her violet wand out and started to tease me with it. I always edge before our sessions per instructions from Mistress UV but Mistress UV is a master with the violet wand. She brought me closer and closer to the edge each time before she lets up. After edging me to the brink of insanity Mistress UV brought me to a semi ruined orgasm while Goddess Alexis continued to have her way with me. I exploded for 2 minutes but I didnt realize Mistress UV had put a small cup near the tip of my cock. As I was still in the aftershock of orgasm Mistress UV opened my mouth and poured my cum in my mouth for a fitting end to the session. After graciously letting me recover for a few minutes I felt utterly spent. I left the Dungeon utterly spent but in such a happy sub space for a few days. I cannot say enough about the overall vibe of serving both Mistress Ultra Violet and Goddess Alexis. It was such an enjoyable session and I will do it again in the near future. If you are in Atlanta you should do yourself a favor and serve Mistress Ultra Violet or Goddess Alexis or both.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mistress Ultra Violet: New Photos And Session Review From Max Fisch The Hang.


I just had another session with Mistress UltraViolet, and I must say it was by far one of the greatest, most intense experiences of my life. My endorphin and adrenaline were rushing from start to finish. Lots of ass worship, followed with some cbt, and lots of corporal.

She greeted me at the door as usual, and ordered me to strip down right in front of Her. Any erotic humiliation fan's dream come true. It only took a second for Her control over me to be absolute. The music, Her scent, and Her unsurpassed beauty had me absolutely hypnotized from the beginning. I'm always nervous at the beginning of our sessions together. But She always quells my nerves with the lightest touch and ends up making me want to serve Her.

She made me get on my knees and then She cuffed and collared me. I love to worship Her ass, and She knows it too. I was granted the opportunity to kiss Her perfect ass to start, and I more than eagerly took it. I love the firmness yet softness to Her perfect butt. It always gets me hard, and it is definitely my "happy place".

Then She blindfolded me and tied me up on Her custom made stretching rack off to the side. I knew right away that could only mean nipple and cock and ball torture. I am not a fan of this, but I reminded myself that I was doing this for Her pleasure. And by the end of the session I was literally begging Her to hurt me more. The satisfaction I get from suffering for Her and knowing I am pleasing Her is worth any pain.

Which leads me to the caning and spanking. At this point I was so hard and begging Her to hurt me for Her pleasure. She caned me really hard. I don't have a high pain tolerance, so I could only take three hits at a time. One thing I must say is She is so good at knowing when I can take no more. It's really an incredible thing. I don't even have to say anything. She just knows. However, for the first time in my life, I genuinely enjoyed my caning. All I want to do is please Her, and this beautiful woman pushing me to my limit is the hottest thing of all time. I can't wait to go back for more. I'm literally craving it right now as I write this.

Again I was permitted to worship Her ass. The sensation is one I can't describe. After all that pain, being able to return to this activity was pure bliss. The emotional connection with this woman who just hurt me to my limit, now letting me do something She knows I love, is too much to describe.

I am a relative newbie to the BDSM scene, and the first time I met Mistress UltraViolet was the first time I had ever done anything in the BDSM scene. Now after seeing Her multiple times, I can say She has me hooked to Her and the Scene. I loved every second of our session. Even the CBT. Mistress UltraViolet is an absolute must for anyone at all who is interested in the Scene. No matter what level of experience. I'll always go back to Her.

Mistress Ultra Violet is pictured above left with the Beautiful Dominatrix and Fetish Model Nyxon. She is pictured below right with the International Dominatrix and author Mistress Ann.