Sunday, October 19, 2014

Atlanta Dungeon Welcomes Three Dommes to Our Sisterhood; Double Sessions Offered!

The Sisterhood of Atlanta Dungeon will be welcoming three new Dominatrices to Atlanta Dungeon and offering double-sessions! Mistress Veronica Cohen, Lady Marah, and Mistress Carmen Taylor will also be offering these special rates for double sessions together and with the current resident Dommes of AD. Contact the Dommes you wish to serve for special tribute rates!

Schedule a session, but be sure to do your research, and find out what it takes to serve Us.
Contact information for the Dominatrices of Atlanta Dungeon can be found  HERE

Mistress Carmen Taylor

Mistress Veronica Cohen  

Lady Marah

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dickie Virgin Interviews Atlanta's First Lady Of The Whip Mistress Ultra Violet

Mistress Ultra Violet interviewed by none-other than Dickie Virgin of the famed Domme Guide, joining the elite group of Dommes to be interviewed by Dickie... Don't miss a smokin' hot word!   

Friday, October 3, 2014

New Max Fisch Review of Mistress Ayn - The Atlanta Dungeon!

i decided to go to Atlanta. The main reason? To serve Mistress Ayn at The Atlanta Dungeon. i requested a three hour session with Mistress Ayn, and after corresponding with Her, a date and time was set.

On the day of O/our session i called at the designated time to confirm the appointment. She gave me further instructions. At the appropriate time i proceeded to the location She told me and called Her. She then gave me Her permission to proceed to The Atlanta Dungeon and told me how to get there. She was so close i could already feel Her presence.

i knocked on the door. She opened it, standing behind the door and i saw Her hand beckoning me to enter. As i entered and turn to face Her i feared i might drop the bouquet and other gifts i brought for Her. Greeting me was indeed Mistress Ayn, and She is even more beautiful in person than in Her pictures! And OH what She was wearing!

After hugs, giving the gifts to Her, and a delightful, quick chat, She sent me to the subs room to strip and then enter Her dungeon. i was to light candles upon entering and then kneel awaiting Her entrance.

i did as i was told of course.

She entered, and O/our session began. Mistress Ayn is magnificent, spectacular, beautiful, and in complete charge. She told me what safe words were to be used, and then adorned me with Her collar and cuffs.

Instead of a 'blow by blow' description of what all happened next, i will tell you certain highlights:

Her Touch:
Her touch is electrifying! i literally shook and trembled while bound to Her St. Andrew's Cross as Her fingertips and fingernails traced over my body! Wherever She desired! i was still in my chastity device i wore there for Her. She delighted in the fact that i was oozing precum almost non-stop and had me lick up every drop from Her fingers! Her voice, softly teasing in my ear! Her skill with Her flogger, with me still bound to the Cross, was incredible!!

The Medical Examination Room:
She knew my curiosity of the acrylic ball crusher and of electro play and my concern of it. With incredible skill and care, i was soon fully experiencing the ball crusher…and loving it! She had hooked up an electro pad to my scrotum before tightening the screws. She put a pad on my penis and hooked them to the control unit. Since this was my first time She started slowly, telling me to let Her know when i feel the first tingle. Afterwards, She increased the intensity, watching and listening to me. She knew! i was loving every second. Then She got the anal probe! Inserted and wired it! She laughed with delight and ran Her fingers over me as i screamed how much i was loving it! i was oozing precum again and She fed it to me! She told me how much higher the unit can go, so i knew She was introducing me to this incredible fun slowly and expertly. i am now hooked on both the ball crusher and electro play!

Consummating the Female Led Relationship:
i was bound to a spanking bench. More caressing, more precum eating, and then a prolonged and spectacular spanking! She wanted my ass redder before taking me! Oh what a spanking She gave me! And then i saw it! She walked around in front of me, and showed me Her beautiful cock! A cock i would somehow manage to deep throat! i lustfully sucked Her cock until She was satisfied. Then She moved behind me. my legs spread and bound, fully exposed for Her. She lubed me and Her cock, pressed the tip up against me and asked me if i was ready for Her, if i was ready to take Her cock! i begged Her for Her cock! She is an expert in consummating the Female Led Relationship! As She pushed Her cock into me She knew exactly when to pause. That depth where the sphincter muscle initially refuses. She paused and told me to relax and breathe. With perfect expertise She tested and when i was ready, She slid Her cock fully into me. i begged Her to fuck me! And She did! It felt amazing!! And when She was done, i praised Her and thanked Her! That was absolutely amazing!!!

These are just the selected highlights of a session full of them! i was so impressed with everything to do with Mistress Ayn. So beautiful, so dominant, so experienced with crafting an amazing session, and so easy to talk with! i instantly felt comfortable with Her and let myself go, and had a fabulous time!

So much so that i decided to extend my trip to Atlanta hoping to serve Her again before leaving. She very thoughtfully and generously added time to Her Monday schedule for me, so that i could serve Her again! And W/we had another amazing session!

i cannot recommend Mistress Ayn enough! i WILL serve Her again! You will feel safe with Her and at The Atlanta Dungeon. A delightful place, especially with Mistress Ayn in charge of the session!


Mistress Ayn

The Atlanta Dungeon

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Goddess Samantha begins Her "Fall to your Knees" tour!

Goddess Samantha will be in Washington DC September 30th - October 3rd. Then She is off to Boston October 4th - 8th. Fetishists, submissives, and slaves should schedule early, due to high demand and limited availability.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mistress Natasha Müller From Mexico City Visits Atlanta Dungeon October 9th - 12th

Mistress Natasha Müller is a Dominant Mistress, with an authoritarian personality. Extremely meticulous, perfectionist, elegant, sophisticated, reserved and very discreet. She will take into consideration those men in submissive condition, who are absolutely willing to please Her in all Her preferences and whims, serve Her, entertain Her and obey Her. Mistress Natasha does not scream or insult but She does constantly amaze them with Her mischievousness and disciplinary techniques.Mistress Natasha Müller Atlanta Dungeon


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mistress Ultra Violet: New Photos & Review on The Erotic Review!

I had my 3rd session with Mistress in Charlotte earlier this year, and it was spectacular, beyond words how exciting, imaginative and stimulating it was!!!! I knew from prior that the best way to work with her is to give some ideas and general areas. She will do what she wants with you. But believe me, the surprise and her imagination is fantastic, so this makes it soo hot as you do not know what is coming next

My theme is always tight bondage. As per usual I called one hour before to confirm location and she called me when ready to come up to her hotel. And I was greeted again with her INCREDIBLY HOT AND BEAUTIFUL BODY. She was clad in a tight outfit of stocking, beautiful black panties and bra, and an under bust corset to tighten her already wasp waist. . Immediately I was instructed to strip naked. Just seeing her I had a hardon that would not stop. She loved that and I was commanded to kneel before her and worship her ass which I did with gusto. This is the most incredible perfect ass I have ever seen or worshipped anywhere. Not on other Dommes, not on porn stars, not anywhere is there a more perfect one. The form is a tight little ball with great underlying tone but just a bit of softness at the surface. I started kissing there feverishly Then there is the nice deep center crack that runs to her great asshole and pussy. I worked on the crack but was not permitted to get too close to anything yet!! At that point she tied my hands tight behind my back with combination rope and tape, and started to do a great ball cock tie. It feels soo great as she rubs and pulls them, and then they are suddenly bound soo tight that cumming is impossible. As she does this and she is leaning forward my body is soo close to hers, she let me worship her magnificent red hair. I just sniffed and caressed with my face. She called me a perv ( Ha!) but let me continue. Then she continued to tie my legs, hog tie me tight and put a hood on my head to blind fold me partially, but I could just see out. . She put me in a tight Ballgag harness and tied my balls to my hogtie so if I struggled too much I would pull on myself in great pain. This delighted her and she played with my bondage, pulling on them until I was yelling into the ballgag screaming. But she contined in her sadistic hot way. Then she began to use plastic wrap to bind and mummify me REALLY tight to reinforce the hog tie. She placed a footstool under me so she could abruptly sit on my chest and face. She bounced on them with great abandon. Her weight pressed down hard on my body which hurt and took my breath away. But I would not have missed that for anything, the feel, the sight and the smell of her. She could do anything she wanted to me, and there was nothing I could do with her in total command of her prey. I did manage to get just a little view out of the blindfold/hood( she allowed)which was breathtaking. Magnificent red hair beautiful face, and her perky tits standing out in front of me. But that view was abruptly taken away as she sat on my face. As I was fully gagged, I tried to lick and kiss her through the gag to no avail. I gag talked like crazy telling her I wanted to worship her but she paid me no mind, just continued to tease me. And as she put all her weight down on my face between the gag, the hood and her tight little ass I could not breath!! I struggled to get any air in but none was coming. It was incredible!!! As she did want to keep me alive a while longer she would occ lift herself up and I would inhale deeply, sucking in air, trying to get her scent through the hood and gag. I was so stimulated but I could do nothing about it. No way to kiss her ass and pussy millimeters away and no way to cum trussed like I was. She just laughed at my plight, talking to me in her super sexy voice,low and sultry, rarely ever raising it. It is mysterious, commanding, forcing you to intently listen to every word for the fear you may miss a command and suffer her wrath. My arms feet and balls were aching like crazy. At that point she changed the bondage, let me lie flat on the floor and took off the gag. What a relief, some air. But it didn't last long as she stuck a electric stimulator egg in my ass and began to play with this as well as a vibrator on my cock. Now I got a bit better ass worship in, my god is that the best feeling on earth!!Then, she pulled the cock binding cord viciously off my cock and balls with the blood rushing back. I held back a scream as now I had no gag to hold it in. And I was still erect as a flagpole, perfect for UV's further torture. She proceeded to now use her final implement of CBT in her arsenal: A plexiglass cock and ball crusher with her initials on it!! The two plates she started to ratchet down, squeezing them and the blood back out of them. Again, I was not allowed to scream. So I just held it in or Mistress threatened to tighten them down further. I was tied so there was nothing I could do. I tried a little top from the bottom but it was just a little scam. The way I was and knowing how sadistic she can be, I was afraid if I angered her she would crush my balls till they were no more. I was bent over the foot stool as she periodically applied the current to my ass and vibrator to the tip of my cock. She would bring me to the edge and back down again. I was not permitted to cum until she allowed. It seemed to go on for hours, she was soo skilled in her manipulation. I was somewhere between heaven and hell!! Finally she commanded me to cum. I did instantly. Not a second delay. It flowed out of me like a river. Still cannot believe the control she had, NEVER have I been able to cum on command in an INSTANT. But I did.
I was exhausted. We had an hour and a half session filled to the brim. She suggested a quick shower which I needed as I had been sweating profusely now mixed with cum all over me. I dressed and gave her a BIG HUG for yet another superb, just unbelievable session. This is the only time she comes a little out of her Domme persona, a heartfelt thanks from her, and a little wry smile that still leaves you knowing there is a evil presence within. I left, gazing back at this magnificent woman, one more look at her astonishing beauty and a sideways glimpse at the most unbelievable ass I have ever seen in my life, ANYWHERE. Oh yes, UV, I will be back!!!

Mistress Samantha Cat Woman: New Max Fisch Review!

This is a review of my 8th session with Goddess Samantha. The reviews of my other sessions were already posted:
- #1608466 (# 1 - first divine encounter)
- #1608697 (# 2 - second divine encounter)
- #1610235 (# 3 - being marked by my Goddess)
- #1615136 (# 4 - beat down of corrupt politician)
- #1616488 (# 5 - bratty school girl beats up her PE teacher)
- #1620333 (# 6 - crazy teenage cop dominates citizen)
- #1623346 (# 7 - strict school teacher breaks in teenage student slave)

A few weeks before my 8th session, I was dreaming of the role play I wanted to do next. I totally love role play, and Goddess also has a great time doing them. I had so thoroughly enjoyed the role plays of sessions 5 - 7, I was thinking of continuing on one of them. I came to realize that I tend to enjoy sessions where I am a normal respectable citizen, but Goddess is sadistic, and a tad bit crazy! In other words, she beats me up just because she can, not necessarily because I deserve it! Consider the themes of the past 3 sessions:

- session 5 - The PE teacher/athletic director, a well liked teacher, calls the bratty school girl in to confront her on her misbehavior in class. She ends up beating him up, blackmailing him into giving her control of the athletic department, and establishes him as her ongoing slave!

- session 6 - The crazy female teenage cop arrests and frames an innocent citizen, dominating him and making him her slave!

- session 7 - The sexy school teacher/principal, looking great even in her 50's (of course my Goddess is not really in her 50's! She was merely role playing the "much more mature woman", and I will never forget it!), calls in her young teenage student, who is just starting to go through puberty. Though he is being called in for a petty disruption in class, the teacher initiates him as her youngest slave, and shows him what it really means to be the teacher's pet!

I was really unsure of which session I wanted to do part 2 on! Then I noticed that Goddess Samantha had a "Hello Kitty Paddle" on her wish list. I love to spoil my Goddess, so I ordered it for her. It is not hard to imagine how the Hello Kitty caused my mind to end up on one of my all time favorite naughty girls: CatWoman! I asked Goddess if she had a CatWoman outfit, to which she answered affirmatively, adding that she she has done the role play many times! I asked her to set up the role play, and orient me at the beginning of the session.

It was funny that we both had forgotten what CatWoman's real name was, so we agreed to call her "Samantha"! Bruce Wayne was invited over to Samantha's place for some drinks after one of his charitable fundraisers. To his surprise, her place was a dungeon, and Samantha opened the door already dressed as the fatal feline CatWoman (and she looked great!)! Bruce Wayne was about to do a citizen's arrest of CatWoman, who had been a menace to Gotham City, but she announced that she knew he was really Batman, and she managed to purr, lick, and hypnotize him into submission! In the process, she managed to steal all the money he had just raised at his charitable event. The rest of the session was used to convince Batman to be a part of her crime team! He would still be a hero in society's eyes, but really working undercover for the seductive CatWoman!

CatWoman had a way to be quite convincing! She managed to totally dominate Bruce Wayne, and gave him a finesse of a beating. Because she had deeper feelings for Batman, the beat down was not overly brutal. She did a chilling job of mixing the spanks (Yes! She used the Hello Kitty paddle on me!) and lashes with snuggles and licks. I long realized what a fetish I had with Goddess' lips, so having her purr right into my ear and give a few teasing licks was quite a delirious experience!

During one moment in the session, I was bound to the cross, and CatWoman had her enchanting mask on! I could see her in the mirror as she cracked her whip. Her pose was amazing, and the sound of the crackling whip gave me the shivers, even when it was not striking me! I do recall being whipped a bit, but then her soft fingers down my back... then the claw of her nails scratching me! What a sensation! The whole time, her calm sexy dominant voice urging me to join her team! Batman had to wrestle with the tension of who he was (a super hero) and what he wanted (he wanted to serve the mysterious CatWoman!).

As with every session, there were some head-scissors. I had also requested being put into a Boston Crab, Camel Clutch (or should I rename it "Kitty Klutch?), and to be hog tied. How I wish I could see it all in the mirror, but my imagination can clearly see Goddess as she artistically trapped me in these holds! And her hypnotic voice teasing me the whole time!

After beating me down and bit, and working me over as I was hog tied, CatWoman told me she wanted to show me some affection. She restrained me on her swing, my arms also restrained, as she overwhelmingly dominated me with her strap-on! It was the best strap-on action I had ever had with her (Goddess is the only one to ever penetrate me)! The sensation is beyond description! As Goddess was thrusting into me, I wanted so bad to have my arms released so I could touch her arms, and perhaps even her cheeks and hair, yet I also loved the sense of tease and denial! All I could do was enjoy it immensely as I panted out, "Oh, Goddess!!!". Though I can never fully describe it, the strap-on seems to be symbolic of absolute dominance, and I celebrate my submission! I also love to look at Goddess as she has me totally at her control: her perfect figure, her arms, and her lovely face - all showing evidence that she is also enjoying the experience!

My CatGoddess wanted to spoil me even more with her affection, so I was tied down on her webbed bed as she pounced me, pushing me yet further to join her team. How could I resist after more cuddles and licks. I loved everything about the session! It was the most arousing session I had ever experienced.
Goddess Samantha was well prepared for the session. She has an amazing talent to perceive exactly what I would like to experience. There was also penis shock therapy, cage action, and foot worship, and I loved it all!

It seems to me that sessions are not work for Goddess Samantha - they are her play time! It enhances the experience for me when I perceive how much fun she is also having. Her role play as CatWoman was beyond perfection, and I plan on eventually doing a part 2 in a future session! I entered the session with much anticipation, and Goddess Samantha did not disappoint! When I came into the session, I was declaring, "My all time favorite CatWoman is Julie Newmar!" I left the session declaring, "My all time favorite CatWoman is Goddess Samantha!"

I still consider myself a newbie, and I encourage you to mark a session with Goddess Samantha. She will take you where you are at, and will perceive your limits and enjoyment. Though she always makes me shiver, I trust her completely in my submission. If you enjoy a strong, yet sexily feminine woman working you over, you must experience Goddess Samantha! Her e-mail:

Want to know more about my ravishing Goddess? Check out her sites below:
Goddess Samantha - sites