Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mistress Mesperyian Hades Visits June 28-30, 2017

                                                       Mistress Mesperyian Hades 

Are you ready to explore the dark side of your imagination? Then come with me, and we will play awhile. I am Mistress Mesperyian, a petite ProDomme with blonde hair, sun kissed skin and armed with a searing, sarcastic tongue.
Punishment is always on the menu, whether it be with a crop, cane, paddle, flogger, or a swift slap to the face. Putting a slave in its place is a high like no other, nothing pleases me more than to watch you grovel before me, begging to
​serve and worship me as your one True Goddess.

Mistress Mesperyian at Atlanta Dungeon

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Is There A Doctor (Ayn) In The House


Super professional and easy to be comfortable with, Mistress Ayn and I set up a role play that started before I arrived. From the moment I walked in until I left, we both were in character. She owned it and owned me. Her website is accurate and complete. Exactly as her pictures portray. Hourglass figure. No spare flesh, stacked. A body to worship. She is superbly professional, yet playful.

The Juicy Details:

I had to go get this exam as part of a new job. My company wanted to insure me and needed me to undergo some tests. Right from the start I knew something wasn't... normal.  I was expecting Lab Corp but found was led to a place in Buckhead. The foyer of the office was small with a table and some strange equipment. Once I handed over the paperwork, I was led to a small restroom and told to strip. The medical staff wouldn't even give me a robe.

I didn't think I was at the right place, but they assured me I was. Once I got on the exam table, the doctor admonished me a bit because I had a hard on. She said it was OK, but that it was appropriate. She gave me a long talk about how the company had entrusted her to do this exams for years. She was the final say as to whether I got the job or not, but could assure me that if I did what she asked I would get the job. At some point during this speech, she removed her lab coat and I was speechless. That body. That outfit. I couldn't concentrate on what she was saying, but I soon realized I had been restrained to the exam table and the doctor was preparing a probe. But first there was a sensitivity test.

Over the next 2 hours, I was probed and tested in many ways. I just kept in mind that if the doctor was happy, I would get the job. She had some weird ways of being happy, but at one point she was abusing me and I think she had an orgasm. I knew I'd get the job then, but she quickly made sure I knew who was in charge.

If you read her website, it has everything else you need to know. Basics? You'll get release, but she'll make you pay for it. She is a complete professional and role played for 2 hours. Stunning woman. Have fun!

Doctor Ayn

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Atlanta Dungeon Welcomes Mistress Carissa Montgomery February 2nd-3rd, 2017


Mistress Carissa Montgomery

International Fetish Starlet And Dominatrix!

I am an experienced, international Dominatrix.  Come and see me and experience a session like no other- bdsm is a passion for me & my love for it shows in everything thing I do during a session. Discretion & privacy are of the utmost importance- and trust and safety are top priority. 

You can expect an instant connection based on mutual respect of limits & our mutual love of kink! I am amazingly sexy & smart as a whip so expect for me to keep you on your toes & sometimes dying of laughter. Don't you worry your pretty little submissive heads- hidden behind my smile is bdsm loving, sadistic tease!!!

Intense tease and denial, rope bondage, and CBT are among my favorite things.

My favorite types of sessions:

    Tease and Denial
    Rope bondage (I'm very skilled)
    Sensory Deprivation: hands, gloves, masks
    Trampling/ Crushing
    Golden Showers
    Foot worship/high heeled shoes & pantyhose/stocking worship: I have perfectly arched, manicured 7.5 feet- soft, narrow, and delicate.
    Obedience training & puppy play
    Humiliation: verbal humiliation, sph, physical humiliation, spitting, human furniture, cuckold fantasy etc
    Corporal punishment (whipping, spanking, flogging, paddling, etc)
    Hypno-fetish (Mesmerized to obey your Mistress and be under my complete control)

This are just a few of my interests, if you don't see something on the list, please ask me. 

Wrestling Sessions

    Fantasy style- I'm experienced with pro-style & grappling

                         Mistress Carissa                   

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Mistress Britney of Tampa FL. will be back at Atlanta Dungeon October 10th through the 15th. She will be touring with Fetish Icon Mistress Ruby Luster. Here is a brief list of their BDSM/Fetish Interests:
Fetish/Fantasy Play
Human Furniture
Sensual Domination
Foot Fetish
Boot and Shoe Worship
Tease and Denial
Cross Dressing
Puppy Play
Sensory Deprivation
Corporal Punishment
Erotic Humiliation
Verbal and Physical Humiliation
Erotic Hypnosis
Public Play
Tickle Torture
Latex/Leather Fetish
Interrogation Role Play
Bitchy Girlfriend Role Play
Seductive Mean Boss Role Play
Shower Play
Forced Exhibition
Domestic Servitude
Electric Play
Double Dominatrix
Dom/Sub Double
Chastity Training/Key Holding

 Mistress Britney
Fetish Icon RubyLuster

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Deadly Duo in Nashville

Mistress Ilsa Ironwood and Mistress Ultra Violet, members of the Sisterhood of Atlanta Dungeon, are a deadly duo.  They’ve just landed in Nashville, Tennessee, where they’re offering a special rate for the ultimate two-on-one session.  They’re available September 29 – October 2 only, so don't wait around; make contact now.  Ilsa is a kinky, seductive Mistress as well as a college-educated, successful business Woman.  Tell Her your deepest, darkest desires, and if you please Her, She may allow all of them to come true.  Ass worship, ball busting, corporal punishment, chastity, and toilet training are only a few of Her interests.  Ultra Violet is one of my favorites and you've seen Her mentioned many times in the dickie blog.  Elegant, beautiful, and witty, with a beautiful figure and ass... and did I mention beautiful?  She will re-energize your lust for life within minutes of kneeling before her, if not seconds.  Solo or duo sessions available... what are you waiting for?

Mistress Ilsa Ironwood
 Mistress Ultra Violet

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