Monday, October 8, 2012

Mistress Ayn and Mistress Ultra Violet visit Washington DC and the Carolinas.

Travel news from Mistress Ayn and Mistress Ultra Violet

On October 13th Mistress Ultra Violet will be returning to Charlotte, NC.  She will be sessioning with Her loyal following there, but has room for some new submissives wanting to be properly trained.   

Sunday, the 14th  She will be in Washington DC.  We think DC needs a little roughing up - UV style.

On Monday, October 15th Mistress Ayn will be joining Mistress Ultra Violet in the Nation’s Capitol and They will be taking no prisoners.   The Pair will be available for single or double sessions through the morning of the 17th.  Doubles will be discounted so let’s have some fun.  We will be staying in the DuPont Circle area of DC.

On the 19th Mistress Ayn will be headed south and making stops in Richmond, VA, Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC.

So here is a wrap of the schedule:

Mistress Ultra Violet:
Oct 13th - the morning of the 14th - Charlotte, NC
Oct 15 - the morning of the 17th - Washington, DC

Mistress Ayn:
Oct 15th - the evening of 18th
Oct 19th - Richmond, VA
Oct 20th - Raleigh, NC

About Mistress Ultra Violet: She is the essence of the new breed of Dominatrix - young, intelligent, aggressive, enthusiast and oh so HOT.  Don't let Her petite frame fool you, this One will break your will with only Her sharp mind and incredible beauty.  If you can hold up to Her sarcastic sense of humor, you might be granted the privilege of worshiping Her perfect ass.  Now that is privilege worth the suffering.


About Mistress Ayn:  With over 16 years of lifestyle experience, Mistress Ayn is the consummate Dominatrix.  She is educated, well traveled and Her tastes lean toward the refined and jaded.  Dripping with elegance and sophistication, She will make you feel that your natural place is at Her feet and at Her service.  The glint in Her eye and the lilt of Her laughter lets you know She is enjoying your torment.  The softness of Her voice beckons you to accept your fate.  Her scent is intoxicating and, many say, addictive.  Enter Her presence at your own risk.  Mistress Ayn is well respected and positively reviewed in all the usual sites and forums.


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